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●STANDARD TAXI – These are the cars with the most comfortable boarding for customers, the widest space for passengers in the back, as well as a spacious luggage compartment. Taxis are equipped with climate control systems and free Wi-Fi in the taxi cabin.

● DO NOT DRIVE 2 SERVICE – We will take you and your car to the right place, take care not to be left without a driver’s license

● KIDS TAXI – Kids Taxi
For parents with children and small passengers, we offer the child-friendly Kids Taxi.
The advantage of these taxis is their suitability for child safety.

● BUS 8 LOCAL – 8-seater taxis are popular with families with children, athletes with sports equipment, and adult and children’s party companies. The minibuses have a spacious and comfortable cabin and a large luggage compartment. They are equipped with climate control. Free Wi-Fi is available in the taxi. An 8-seater taxi service is available at a small additional cost.

● MEETING AT THE AIRPORT – Our international taxi is ready to meet Latvian guests from various countries at Riga airports, central stations or bus stations, as well as from the port. The transfer is ordered for any date. A taxi will meet you at the announced date and time in a pre-arranged place in Riga.

● TRANSFERS – Order a taxi transfer – it’s right and safe! All Passenger Cars and spacious minivans are in good technical condition to meet delegations, receive regular professional maintenance and are thoroughly inspected before departure. Our intercity taxi is a guarantee of timely arrival at the destination, without technical problems and refueling on the road.

Transfer to a hotel, office or home at an affordable price – this is our taxi. Port, airport, railway station or car port – give us a task and wait for your chosen transport to arrive.

● PET (CATS, DOGS) TAXI – Your friend is also our friend. Let’s get you and your best friends to desired location!


Riga – Tallinn

Riga – Vilnius

Riga – Brussels

Riga – Other European and Baltic countries.


RELIABLE FOR CHILDREN – child car seats for children of different ages (service must be booked in advance). Possibility to pay with your payment card for the child’s trip remotely and follow the trip route.
TRUSTABLE for guests – meeting guests at both terminals of Riga Airport 24 hours a day.
RELIABLE for people with special needs – a qualified driver will help people with disabilities get on and off the taxi and will place a wheelchair in the luggage compartment.
RELIABLE people in wheelchairs – a specially equipped taxi with a trolley ramp and transport without dismantling them.
RELIABLE for luggage – a large luggage compartment, in which you can place both a pram and a folding bicycle and other medium-sized luggage.
RELIABLE for urgent customers – a phone for reporting the belongings left in the taxi around the clock +371 27242929
RELIABLE for busy customers.
RELIABLE for animals – transport for small animals (provided that the dogs can be transported on a leash with the muzzle on and that the seat and the cabin are kept clean.).
RELIABLE in adverse weather conditions – taxis are equipped with climate control equipment, but on rainy days a driver with an umbrella will accompany you to the entrance to the room.
RELIABLE events – we will serve your event (conferences, sports games, weddings, festivals, etc.),
RELIABLE for regular customers and companies – by concluding a cooperation agreement, we will offer you favorable travel prices.
RELIABLE communication-Free Wi-Fi in the taxi.



Distance – 1.19 EUR/km
Time – 0.24 EUR/min
Boarding – 2.99 EUR
Non-standard luggage - 3 EUR

1.19 EUR/km


Distance –1.19 EUR/km
Time – 0.24 EUR/min
Boarding – 2.99 EUR
Extra fee for KIDS TAXI – 3 EUR
Non-standard luggage - 3 EUR

1.19 EUR/km

Minivan 8 seater

Distance –1.19 EUR/km
Time – 0.24 EUR/min
Boarding – 2.99 EUR
Extra fee for 8 seater – 6EUR
Non-standard luggage - 3 EUR

1.19 EUR/km


"Don't drink and drive",
Two driver service

Starting at 50€